About Todd

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A Little About Me:

I am an engineer, educator & author, with a strong faith and a desire to help others achieve their potential in life.

FAA Consultant DER:

I was delegated by the FAA as a Consultant DER with authority for Transport Category Airplane static analysis (1A), structural design (4A), and loading diagrams (H8).

Click the FAA-DER Menu item if you seek more information or if you would like to explore use of my services for an 8110-3 covering your structural design or analysis.

Consultant Stress Engineer:

Although my primary line of work is now teaching Aerospace Structural Analysis and Design at California State Polytechnic University Pomona (CPP), I enjoy structural analysis of aircraft and rockets so much that I like to stay active and current on real structures as well. Although I am strong in FEA, I have found that the most efficient way to evaluate structure is using classical hand analysis methods.

If you seek part-time or short term stress analysis support or support of structural design, Click the "Engineering" Menu tab, or contact me directly.


After 25 years in structural analysis of aircraft and rocket structures at McDonnell Douglas and Boeing with responsibilities as a stress analyst, lead, and manager, I decided it was time to begin to invest more fully into the next generation of engineers, and shifted my primary focus from analyzing and managing to teaching and documenting (writing practical textbooks & handbooks for structural analysis).

This began in 2002 as an adjunct (part-time) professor at Cypress College teacing Engineering Graphics and Statics. At the same time, I returned to school to pursue a Ph.D. in Engineering & Applied Industrial Mathematics at Claremont Graduate University & California State University Long Beach. This part-time work confirmed and deepened my interest in teaching, so in 2012, two years after completing my Ph.D., I left Boeing to accept a position teaching Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at California State Polytechnic University Pomona (CPP).


My writing career started when I was in about fourth grade, following a discusssion with a dear relative while on vacation. After this discussion and the encouragement it provided, I immediately started writing a children's book about an owl and a group of other animals. My confidence waivered after a few pages were produced, and except for the poetry I produced for friends and loved ones over the course of my life, I did not get back to serious writing until the late '90s when I started writing a poetic children's book, "When Mommy Wears Red". I followed this work with a couple other draft children's books, and also started work on potential books on Christianity, on Spirtitual Growth, on Romance, Fantasy, and on Biblical Fiction. In 2010 I was startled to find a breathtaking full moon in the early morning hours before first light, and that struck me with an epiphany that started work on my first published work, "Reflection of the Sun", which became available in March 2016. As I was explaining the subject of this book to students at CPP, I realized that many of them would struggle to understand this book without first having a more-complete understanding of God, His Son Jesus Christ, and His plan for the salvation of mankind, and the idea of my next book was born, which will be called, "True God - Who He Is, How He Loves, What He Wants".

My goals for the future include continuing to grow as an engineering educator so that I can nudge students and professionals towards maintaining and improving America's fine tradition of greatness, expanding my ministry in sharing the love and salvation offered through Jesus Christ, and exanding my role in educating Christians in Biblical truth. May the Lord help me in these goals.


My hobbies include chess, motorcycle riding, bow-hunting, camping and hiking, water-skiing, surfing, and many other outdoor activities.


I believe the Bible to be the inerrant Word of God, through-which He has and continues to reveal Himself to mankind. I believe the Bible that Jesus Christ is the Messiah, the Savior of mankind who gave Himself to voluntarily die for the sins of the world, so that all who place their faith in Him alone will live eternally in heaven with Him after completing this short life which He has entrusted to us. I believe the role of mankind is to seek God, to worship Him, and to submit daily to His Word, His will and His Ways as revealed in Scripture through the Holy Spirit who testifies on His behalf.