Todd Coburn: Ministry - Abroad

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Goal for Ministry:

I believe those of us who follow Jesus Christ are called to share His light & truth with those around us, to lift those who struggle, and to enlighten those who have not recognized nor embraced His love.

Life is full of ups and downs, pinnacles and valleys, and sometimes these threaten to destroy our being. Yet whether we are at a pinnacle of our Christian walk, or are stumbling through a valley, I believe God desires us to continue to share His truth and to strive to participate in ministry as God empowers and enables us.

This section shows a few of the ministries I have been involved in, and will occasionally point to where I am headed. May God bless you in your ministry as well.

Past Evangelism & Service Trips:

2016 Arba Minch, Ethiopia
• 2013 Arba Minch, Ethiopia
• 2012 Arba Minch, Ethiopia
• 2011 Arba Minch, Ethiopia
• 2010 Arba Minch, Ethiopia
• 2009 Shashamene, Ethiopia
• 2007 Shashamene, Ethiopia
• 2008 Latacunga, Ecuador
• 2004 Tijuana, Mexico: Weekend Service trip
• 2003 Woliso, Ethiopia
• 2003 Pinar Del Rio, Cuba
• 2001 Santa Clara, Cuba
2001 Guwahatti, India
• 2000 IMphal, India

Royal Family Kids Camp (Youth Mentoring):

Served kids in the foster-care system as youth counsellor for a week 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, & 1998.