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For mankind to grow spiritually, we must know God's thoughts & His plans for our lives & for mankind. God breathed His Word to mankind over the centuries, and as men were moved by the Holy Spirit they wrote His Word down, guarded it carefully and collected these writings into a single collection of His Words that we call the Bible.

While mankind often misinterperets what he sees, hears, and perceives, and misdiagnoses clues about God in the universe around him consistently, reading and understanding God's Word is critical for any sustained spiritual growth. For this reason I have prioritized handing out copies of the Bible for many years now, and am always on the lookout for sharp looking, quality Bibles at an economical price.

A Free Gift:

I try to always have multiple Bibles on-hand for folks who seek the Word of God. If you'd like a copy, see me for a free gift of God's Word.

A Recent Experience:

A few months ago, I learned that a dear friend of the family is a Gideon, and he gave me a Bible to pass on to a homeless person. I immediately began to scan more diligently for someone in need.

The other day, I spotted a homeless man reclining on a bus bench near Home Depot. I walked over and asked him how he was doing.

"Not good," he said.

"Sorry to hear that," I responded, and he told me a little about his problem.

I asked if I could present him with a Bible.

"I already have one!," he responded, perking up and yanking a baby-blue, tablet-sized, engraved Bible from the front pouch of his backpack.

"That's a nice one," I said, smiling.

"What is your name," I asked, trying to peer past his hand to read the engraving that he seemed to be deliberately covering with it.

"Dave," he said, moving his hand and waving at the female name printed across the cover. "I rescued this one from a dumpster," he said.

"It shouldn't have been in there," he continued, shaking his head gravely.

I agreed.

I asked if he was a Christian, and he responded soundly with, "Born again!" with a lift of his head.

I smiled and nodded, thinking how refreshing and beautiful His faith and perspective were.

I had come to him to minister, and I felt lifted from our brief conversation.

I asked how I could pray for him, something our dear cousin Tristan has reminded me is important, and Dave asked that I pray for his girfriend, Jaime's salvation.

Please join me in lifting them both in prayer.