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Ministry at University:

April 7, 2016 marked CPP's first faculty roundtable discussion at the CPP on-campus restaurant & banquet hall, Kellogg West.

All full-time CPP faculty, and many other CPP Lecturers and Stakeholders were invited to participate, and attendees included folks from many academic disciplines and from many theological and scientific viewpoints.

Our speaker was Dr. William Newsome, a Professor of Neuroscience at Stanford University, who provided a short lecture on the topic of the evening, “Of Two Minds: A Neuroscientist Asks if Science and Faith Are Compatible”.

The primary goal of this event was to open dialogue between Christian and non-Christian faculty on deep and relevant issues pertaining to faith and science.

Comments from attendees included the following:

The planning team, led by Dr Susan Siaw of CPP, is planning another rountable event for next year. Feel free to join us in prayer over this decision & planning process.

If you would like to receive updates on this event as the plan unfolds, please E-Mail and ask to be added to the prayer update list.