Reflection of the Son, by Todd Coburn

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Reflection of the Son
by Todd Coburn, Released 2 March 2016, Westbow Press, 96 pages, $9.95.

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This book examines a simple fact of nature, the way the moon reflects the sun’s light to a darkened world, and draws some staggering insights into the way a Christian is to reflect Jesus Christ to a fallen world. Its chapters are named with simple mnemonic titles to lead readers through foundational principles in a clear and compelling way that can help Christians remain focused on productive steps towards spiritual maturity. In the process, this book reveals some deep spiritual truths and presents them in a way that a child can understand.

What Folks are Saying About the Book:

I have had a lot of positive verbal feedback on the book. A few have expressed that they love the brevity of the book and the simplicity of the way the ideas are expressed. A few others have expressed appreciation for the clarity of the Biblical Truths and the way these are presented. Some others have expressed that they like the reminder that the moon now provides in their Christian walk, and others have expressed that they will never look at the moon the same way. Not surprisingly, many admire the beautiful cover photo that Wally Pacholka generously provided.

I really appreciate this feedback, and encourage readers to let me know their thoughts in person or on social media or on retailer websites. There are a few reviews posted on Amazon and on Wesbow Press now, and reviews are just starting to post on Goodreads. The Goodreads Reviews can be seen and accessed immediately below.

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Anyone reading my book is invited to provide feedback by rating it and by writing an honest review on Westbow, Amazon, Goodreads or other site sharing your evaluation of its content and value.

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Reflection of the Son

Cover Photo:

The cover photo for my book was generously provided by Wally Pacholka. If you love this photo as I do, you may enjoy his original photo, and many other similar ones that can be viewed & purchased at his website

Media Coverage of Book:

On March 22, 2016 I was invited to share my background & book with listeners of the online Radio Show Joy in My House.

Any who wish to view the interview may do so on Youtube by clicking on the following picture. The interview is 50 minutes long & starts 10 minutes into the clip.

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